WSPR exporter

The database contains the full history (more than 4,000,000,000 spots). Real time data is available with a few minutes delay and might contain errors. You can use % as wildcard for the callsign search, to match any amount of any char. For example: VK%

Your current query limit is 100000 rows per request. (Table output format is limited to 10k rows for performance reasons)

Feel free to do automated queries against me, but please keep it fair. 

* All filters can be passed as POST or GET parameters. 
* Current limit is 1000 times 100000 rows per day, after that only 10000 rows are returned. 
* Each request requires 5s to cool down. 
* Table format is limited to 10k requests. 
* Never use Table format for automated queries.
* The API might break at any time without notice. 
* Everything is used at your own risk. 

Query example: Rows

If you need more powerfull filtering check out